St. Johns Racine

Generally we like to get out to our ice fishing spots before anyone can beat us out there so we can set up for the fishing and make sure we have enough room for the group.  This morning I decided to sleep in until 5:30 and meet the guys by 6:30.  I pulled up at 6:20 while it was still dark and looked out on the lake to see about 10 lights and four wheelers pull up to the bay I wanted to fish.  By the time we were heading out the lake was getting pretty busy already and we decided to fish the opening to the channel where tip up fishing can be good.  We put a spread of tip ups out and began searching for fish with the Vexilar and jig rods.  For the hour and half we were there we only had one flag and found some really small panfish.  I wondered over to the lower part of the bay we normally fish and instantly starting catching some nice bluegills while watching the other group hammer the crappies on tip-downs.  I called the guys and had them move our location and began to make swiss cheese of the ice.  It proved to be the right move as we began to catch crappies, gills and had some tip ups go off within minutes of setting up.  People began to come out around 9:30 and come and go throughout the day.  We caught multiple Pike and big bass on the tip-ups and the automatics.  We even had a 2 year girl reel in a nice Pike which was awesome to see.  Ryan once again did an awesome job of cooking lunch for us and helping with the set up and take down of the day.  After the last people left Ryan and I took a few minutes to do some fishing ourselves and pulled a few more nice crappies and gills through before making the haul back to the trucks.  Another safe, fun and blessed day on the ice. God is Good!!