Ice Fishing Jamboree on Pike Lake

We arrived to the lake well before light to set up for the kids' fishing section at 4:30am.  We picked an area where we thought the perch would give the kids some action with the chance to catch a Pike, bass or walleye on the tip-ups.  By 5:15 we had a line out the door for the registration starting at 5:30 as we shuffled to get all the tables set up for the day.  Throughout the day we had many people come and fish and check out the Jamboree.  In fact we had over double the number of tournament entrants and triple the number of total overall people at the event.  As for the fishing it was tough once again but some nice fish did come in.  Most people caught fish from the 4inch perch to the winning perch at a whopping 12 inches.  The biggest Pike of the day came later in the afternoon and was the only fish caught by this group at 31.5 inches.  All categories weighed in at least one fish with only one bass and one walleye registered.  The panfish and Pike categories had 3 different winners which is typical for this lake.  We sincerely thank everyone who came out for the Jamboree, for all the helpers and for all of our sponsors involved in this day.  Some of the best ice fishing of the year is yet to come with the warmer temps and melting ice producing some great oxygen levels and active fish.