The Ice Fishing Season is in Full Effect

This is going to be a great season for ice fishing as some of the smaller lakes were safe for fishing by late December.  I was able to get on the hard water the last week of December and we did well on big Gills and Crappies.  It was awesome to be out walking on the ice, drilling holes, watching the vexilar and seeing that spring bobber move, setting the hook with one pound test line and catching bluegills big enough to use the drag system.  A former student of mine came home from the Navy for the Christmas break and we were able to get out on the ice for a morning of fishing. Cliff is one of those students that did everything and more to learn how to be a great angler.  He reminds me a lot of myself when I was his age as he fishes hard and will fish from morning till evening without taking a break.  You know he will eventually be putting fish on the ice cause he won't stop until he finds them.  Cliff and I ended up with plenty of gills and crappies for a nice fish fry, which is something his mother was looking forward to.  We made our annual trek to Shawano for Christmas break and got out on the Wolf River for tip up fishing big Pike.  The weather w