Girl Scout Outing 2017

All I can say is Wow!! Today we fished a private pond and the fishing was unbelievable.  I honestly was not able to get all of the tip ups in the water because the fish kept biting and we were constantly resetting the few we had in.  Every single person caught multiple fish on all the different set-ups.  The girls caught bluegills the size of a five gallon pail, crappies, bass and pike with continuous action the whole afternoon.  We had great weather with 32 degree temperature,  with little to no wind and sun.  The absolute best conditions for ice fishing a person could ask for, especially when getting kids involved for the first time or in this case the second time (beginners).  The biggest catch of the day came when one of the automatics went off.  Sophia was the first to get to the rod and she began reeling but this fish just kept taking out drag.  I tightened the drag a little bit but we still had no leverage on this fish as it continued to pull the rod down to the hole with Sophia bracing herself.  It seemed like forever but she finally got the fish close to the hole and as I looked down into the hole I saw the fish which covered the 8 inch hole, this was a beast.  The fish took one last run but we were eventually able to get the head turned and coming up the hole, I grabbed the fish by the head and dragged it onto the ice with the belly scraping on the inside of the hole as it was too fat to come out by itself.  All the kids screamed as I pulled it out of the hole and stepped away from the fish as if Jaws had just come out of water.  What an amazing fish!! After holding on so the fish could get some oxygen she gave us one tail flap as if waving goodbye and she was gone.  This is a memory that will last a lifetime and Sophia will always remember the day she encountered the monster Pike!  God is good!!