St. Johns Random Lake on Kettle Moraine Lake

Well we didn't have the best conditions for our ice fishing day but we did still have some success on catching some fish.  We battled 30mph winds with -20 degree wind chills and holes that would refreeze within minutes and still had over 25 people show up for this awesome sport of ice fishing.  The day started out okay with quite a few flags and even a couple walleyes for some of the new anglers.  Action for jigging was decent to start the day and could have continued to be okay but our shanties turned into wind sailing vessels and fishing outside of a shack was impossible.   I was very impressed with the kids and parents that came out to join us on such a brutal weather day and especially for many of them their first time.  Thank you St. John's Random Lake for the opportunity to work with your kids and then get them on the ice for a real adventure.  Looking forward to getting on the open water this spring.