Fox6 News Taping Day with Brandon Cruz

Today was a great day for Fishing for the Heart as Fox6 News met us to do a story on our program.  I had to stop at Cabelas before arriving to the lake and buy an extra anchor for the gail force winds of the day but it wasn't raining and we even had some sun.  Brandon showed up at 2:30 as scheduled and 3 students from the Lutheran Special School were raring to go when he got there.  Brandon did some interviews with the students, myself and Nash's mom on what exactly the program was all about and how it can help kids realize the true benefit of being involved in the outdoors.  After the interviews we did some on land practice with casting plugs and then it was off to the lake to try the real thing.  We fished a couple spots but I sure had an issue keeping the boat from drifting even with 2 anchors in which made it challenging.  The kids did awesome casting and trying to catch some fish with lots of bobbers going down but few fish hooked.  And so it goes with fishing sometimes you hook'em and sometimes you don't but to be on the water with some kids new to the sport was a real blessing.  The story is suppose to air this coming Wednesday on Fox6 News on the 9:30 nightly time slot!!