Trinity Freistadt Men's Retreat

I went up to Long Lake to pre fish and see what was going on with the fish as far as the pattern they might be in.  Arrived at the lake at 9:30 where I picked up my dad not knowing what to expect with the wind blowing from South to North across the lake.  We fished many different areas with all kinds of techniques using artificial and live bait but did not get an indication as to where the fish were.  However it was nice to talk with my dad and spend a few hours with him on the water even though the fishing was to no avail.  After dropping my dad off at the launch so he could go home and work on his projects I continued to fish some more spots in search of some action.  I finally did find a few fish to commit on rattletraps as I would jig up quickly and then let it flutter down on the edges of wind blown structure.  I ended up catching 4 total fish, with two bass around 18 inches, a smaller bass and a pike.  As a guy who teaches fishing I am always looking for the best possible way for my students to catch fish and this type of fishing was just way to technical for a beginner to grasp.  Needless to say it was not the report I was excited to bring back to the guys signed up for the next day fishing adventure.  That night I decided to fish a lake nearby as it was smaller, shallower and I thought the fish might be more active.   My first group left in the early am and we started fishing but it took 45 minutes to get our first bite.  However after that it was game on.  Everyone in the morning group caught fish including some nice crappies, smaller pike and a few bass.  One of the boys had never been fishing before and even before he caught his first fish was trying to convince his dad they needed a boat.  I was real happy that the fish cooperated and the smiles and gratitude this group showed is what makes this so uplifting.  The middle group also did an awesome job as we had the fish dialed in now using a roadrunner jig with a twister trailer for most of our fish as well as a weed weasel with a night crawler chunk.  The pike and bass continued to bite for the last group of the day and we had many doubles with some really nice bass mixed in!  Thanks for the great day on the water Lyle, Scott, Rylan, Serial, Josh, Keith, Fred, Robin, Jake and Andy!!